Who we are

The BAKALIS family restaurant offers guests all year round the best that exists on the shores of the Mediterranean

Our Story

Who we are

The BAKALIS family restaurant offers guests all year round the best of the Mediterranean coast – warmth and coziness, sea ​​and sun, fresh seafood, favorite dishes and wines from the best producers.

The restaurant is located in a seaside resort on the beach of Pefkohori in a unique location that combines the slow pace of life and the energy of the popular resort. In the summer, this landscape is a favorite vacation spot for the city's residents and tourists, and in winter a warm place for those looking for a homely environment.

The restaurant's menu contains plenty of all kinds of seafood: oysters, octopuses, squids, many kinds of fresh fish. You can choose the cooking method yourself: in steam, grilled or with aromatic herbs...

Our Story

The Best Place to Eat Seafood

Bakalis Pefkochori

BAKALIS restaurant offers you the taste of traditional Greek cuisine as well as dishes cooked by the chef according to old family recipes. And of course the wine list is worth mentioning, which includes a wide variety of spirits and wines from around the world, which perfectly emphasize all the aromatic notes and make the feeling of the meal unforgettable.
The GROCERY opens its doors every day, inviting everyone, who appreciate hospitality and care combined with the harmony of taste, wonderful view and wish to really enjoy the dishes of Greek cuisine at their best.

raw material

The raw material is what makes the difference and lends an authority to the equally important taste of each product. The taste evokes images, memories and emotions. Our restaurant gives you the opportunity to live a unique experience and enrich your memories and have something from Greece, something that will accompany you always and everywhere. We represent traditional Greek cuisine using fresh, pure and local ingredients honoring our origin and identity. Bakalis restaurant has prepared and offers a Greek menu that is worth trying!

The origin of the fine dishes we offer at Bakalis restaurant come either from the sea or from the mountain. The possible combinations are countless and each of them is able to please even the most demanding palate with the particular flavors and herbs that accompany them. We are characterized by the quality of all our products, from the spices and olive oil we use to the fish, seafood and meats. Our ointments are handmade, while at the same time everything has a local base, fresh and pure ingredients, which compose and create this deliciousness that you will find in our dishes. We look forward to cooking for you!


If you are looking for a tasty option that will arrive directly to your door, then I suggest you try our delivery.

Dine In

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, our restaurant creates an environment where the enjoyment of our cuisine meets the comfort of the space.

Private Dining

With the choice of private dining, you can enjoy your meal in a customized space that has exclusivity for you and your guests.